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Painting Services

Interior House Painting

A new coat of fresh paint can change the look and ambiance of your home entirely or one room ar a time. If you prefer to use one color throughout your home or have various colors and themes for each room of your home, this can be easily accommodated with a nice paint job. Painting is a common service with most of our renovation projects but we also offer this as a stand alone service. Here are some important factors to consider when planning to paint your home. 

  • Paint Color Selection

  • Preparation & Protection

  • Painting Application

  • Clean up

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Paint Color Selection

  • Different colors can drastically change the look and feel of any of the rooms in your home so selecting the right colors is very important and is the very first step in a painting project. We can match existing colors if you prefer a fresh coat of paint of your favorite color or we can explore different options if you have been thinking that it is time for a change.

  • Painting Application

  • Once an area is cleaned and ready for painting, it's time to apply some high-quality paint of the color of your choosing. We will already have confirmed the best finish option for your home (eggshell, semi-gloss-high-gloss, matte etc..) and will begin painting your home (or room) wall by wall. The application process will vary based on the size of your home and the amount of rooms we will be painting, but we always work efficiently and within the timelines we have initially discussed.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Dave always makes sure that each client is satisfied with the work and projects completed and will review the details of the project with you and confirm it meets your expectations before considering it completed. 

  • Preparation & Protection

  • We always make sure any area that is being painted is clean, prepped and cleared of any objects or furniture to allow for a timely execution. We use protective plastic sheets and drop cloths to ensure your floors and furniture remain intact during the painting process. We will make any required repairs (as needed) to the walls or ceiling so the results not only look great visually but the surfaces are smoother than before for an enhanced beautiful finish.

  • Clean up

  • Once the painting application process is completed, we will remove all protection and painting materials we used and clean, sweep or vacuum the area so every room is in pristine condition. Homeowners can get back to their normal routines and enjoy the feeling that comes with beautiful new paint.

Ready to plan a painting project

If you are considering painting your home or parts of your home and are not sure where to begin, contac Dave’s Home Renovations today so we can help answer some of your questions, explore some fresh ideas, and help turn your “plans’ into reality in the very near future. 


From start to finish, we will manage the entirety or your project. We maintain clear communication and timelines.

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